Industrial Paints
Industrial Paints
Industrial Paints
Industrial Paints
Industrial Paints
Commercial Vehicle Sectors

‘PIONEER COATS’ is a leading Paint manufacturer, who can supply quality paints to leading Bus Body builders in India.

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Auto Component

We have exact and perfect coating solutions for all auto components .

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Industrial Machine Sectors, Engines & Pumps

We can supply primers and paints for CNC Machines, Engines & Pumps

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Power & Electric Sectors

We can supply primers and paints for Power & Electric Sectors

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Steel Pre Structures

We can supply primers and paints for Steel Pre Structures & Grating

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Wood Coatings

We can supply Wood Coatings, PUD Coatings for Wood

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Pipes & Tubes

We can supply paints for industrial Pipes & Tubes

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Vehicle Sectors Auto Component Industrial Machines Power & Electric Steel Structures Wood Coatings Pipes & Tubes


Commitment to Quality :
we have instituted quality procedures and systems to ensure components as per customer specification. Our workers have been trained & motivated to act as their own quality inspectors. Constant improvement also ensuring customer delight at all levels. We have earned an excellent reputation for quality products & proven performance.
Committed Deliveries:
We have made contracts to the transporters to ensure supplies to all the customers for their requirement based on just in time (JIT) principle.
Safety Measures :
Our plant area is well protected with flame proof electrification. We have all safety equipments like Fire extinguishers (Foam type and DCP, ABC type). Regular trainings for operation of the equipments is arranged and given timely..
Work Environment Policy :
To maintain a high level of quality of our products which is operated on a sound economic base, we admire the best work environment. The work environment must be not only safe but also pleasant and developmental for staff. We ensure the work environment will not expose our staff & workers to ill health and accidents, and we are satisfactory that we provide a safety nature of work. And the result is of Good attendance of our employees , this is our real strength . All employees of ‘Pioneer Coats’ are well trained

Code of Conduct :
All follow a set of rules outlining responsibilities, procedures and system of our organisation .This contributes to the welfare.
Explain : how company’ is work environment policy :- like
For improving ability regular trainings, for
Time & attendance – various awards
Code of Conduct- a set of rules outlining responsibilities – procedures and systems of an organisation in a way that contributes to the welfare.

A common code of conduct is written for employees of a company, which protects the business and informs the employees of the company's expectations. It is ideal for even the smallest of companies to form a document containing important information on expectations for employees. The document does not need to be complex or have elaborate policies, but the file needs a simple basis of what the company expects from each employee.

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